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Road to Pskov

Tatiana’s story: Having failed to remember any episode when I felt embarrassed or ashamed – I think it’s just in my nature to learn a lesson and happily forget the context – I decided to share a memory that is still vivid as if it happened yesterday. It was my first holiday after I graduated […]

Words and Worlds: My Own Story of Learning English

This post is partially a paper which I wrote at university for a course devoted to bilingualism. I edited it for the blog and added more personal details.  Language is like a river.  When you first begin to study it, you feel like an inexperienced swimmer trying to stay afloat on the surface of unfamiliar […]

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck

When I started reading «Mindset…» I wasn’t impressed from the start. Not that I disagreed with the message, it just seemed too obvious. What the author was saying was that all of us people belong to one of the two groups according to which mindset, which set of beliefs we stick to. The first one […]

«Oops! I’ve left all my books at home». Emergency Activites For Teachers (No Preparation Required)

That’s  just what happened to me the other day.  On my way to an in-company class with a new group of intermediate students it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t carrying the bag with all the stuff I’d carefully prepared: board games, copies of textbook pages, the listening CD , etc.   Of course, teaching […]